Amchlár & Táillí

2023 Classes and Fees

We provide classes that teach the basics, learn new steps and take your dancing the highest of levels. Friendly classes and easy to follow lessons with traditional & custom choreography.  Please contact us to confirm class times as these can vary during term. Fees vary for all classes and levels. From $14.50 * fees are charged by the term and vary dependent on the level of class and number of classes attending per week.  Please contact us for further information and questions regarding fees.

Our dancing school for most of the calendar year will follow the same dates as the Queensland school term dates and holidays, making it easy for dancers and their families to do their Irish dancing and still have time off and breaks.

Competitions run throughout the teaching terms, usually on weekends and for larger competitions (States and Nationals), during the school holidays or long weekends.


Current Brisbane Timetable

For Rockhampton please contact us