Céim suas chun cinn

Step up to advanced Irish dancing, the next level

At this level, students have a clear understanding and can demonstrate the techniques, rhythm & timing of reels, light jigs, slip jigs, treble jigs and hornpipes. In our advanced classes you will learn competition level choreography and techniques. This class is recommended for dancers who regularly complete and/or wish to stay at competition level fitness. Items that are trained are movements such as clicks, rocks, and varied tempo dances which use advanced footwork. 

Workshops and Bootcamp

To further enhance our Advanced students Irish Dancing experience and give them the opportunity to “take it the next level”, The Lynagh Studio of Irish Dancing conducts fitness & technique workshops along with Irish dancing activity days throughout the year. We’re behind you all the way. Make it count!

We strongly encourage students in the Advanced classes to participate in these workshops, which provides dancers who are looking for increased opportunities to improve their skills. Our school is involved in Master Class-like workshops with qualified Irish Dancing professionals and health and fitness experts. The material and experience passed on during these sessions is invaluable. There is an additional fee for workshop participation.

These sessions offer a focus on the fitness & details of performing Irish dance in competition. Pupils in our advanced classes find their progress is significantly improved when consistent practice outside of class is also done. Effective independent practice sessions are required for participation in our champion classes. Private lessons are not a substitute for independent practice.

Solo Costumes

It wouldn’t be Irish dancing without the excitement of wearing a costume and the shoes! Whether it’s a sparkling solo dress for the girls or a smashing vest for the boys, we have you covered. Advice, design and cost is our speciality to make you look & feel amazing as you dance!

When starting to explore options for solo costumes it is essential that you involve your dancing teacher in the decision regarding the dress you select. All Lynagh Studio Teachers have expertise in helping you as the dancer achieve superior stage presence by selecting the latest dance fashions, materials and colours that are appropriate for you.

There are a variety of avenues to take when purchasing a solo costume and a consultation with your teacher can help you choose the appropriate option for your budget. If you have existing costumes you wish to sell, we can also point you in the right direction. Please note there rules that apply to costumes.  For popular suggestions of where to start looking, see below;

Study & Theory Exams

At The Lynagh Studio, our dancers are given the opportunity to participate in Dancer Grade Examinations which assess you on your skill, knowledge and ability of Irish Dancing, with a certificate upon completion of each grade. Exams are for all dancers, regardless of age and ability

Dancer exams are separate to competitions, in which you are individually examined with a written assessment of your performance and knowledge at each grade. The exams can be completed as you progress your dancing skills & knowledge. The exam levels start with an optional Preliminary Grade followed by 12 progressive grades, with 12 being the highest. You must pass each grade before attempting the next level. Each level awards you a certificate and completion of all levels earns you “The Diploma of the Irish Dancing Commission”.

For senior dancers looking to continue their involvement in Irish dancing, after completing all grade exams, you are eligible to apply for the TCRG Exam, which accredits you as a fully qualified dancing teacher. If you are interested in doing your exams, please speak with your teacher for further details who can provide you with study material and private tuition.

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where to start looking
    Dance Again is a site for Irish dancers and dressmakers all over the world to buy and sell new or used solo dresses. Over 2,500 dresses currently for sale.
    Elevation Design specialises in creating exclusive and unique Irish dancing dresses, blending Celtic influences with the contemporary.
    Located on the East Coast of the U.S., sisters Ellen and Mary try to make each dress match the personality of the dancer.
    Beautiful one of a kind Irish dancing costumes made by Irish dancer Jess Knight in Adelaide, South Australia.
    A well known, well established global brand for comfortable, lightweight & value for money.
    Up to date with unique, trend-setting hand designs, based in Birmingham.
    Dresses to order and they also have pre-made dresses.
    A worldwide classified listing of dresses for sale. List your dress for sale or browse the listings.