Beginner Irish Dancing


Welcome to your first class!

Beginner Irish Dancing (for children) is our introductory class for first-timers, with no previous experience needed. It is a highly interactive class where you will learn your very first Irish dancing steps and meet other beginners just like you!  It’s always fun starting something new so we know you are excited and so are we. At The Lynagh Studio, we offer a friendly, structured class environment for all pupils to learn in.Our classes provide the opportunity for beginners to learn at their own pace, accommodating for individual learning styles. All beginner classes are purposely kept small for the benefit of each child, ensuring they receive one-on-one tuition as part of their weekly classes.


Our beginner classes are run for a duration that is suitable for young children, which introduces the little ones to the basics of Irish Dancing. You are never too old to experience the fun that Irish Dancing has to offer, and we have many dancers that have started in primary or high school. This is a wonderful time for dancers to begin as their coordination, strength and physical ability allows them to pick up the steps quickly. Dancers that are older than 8 years old typically begin in an advanced beginner class after they spend a week or 2 with beginners (to pick up the basics and avoid feeling overwhelmed).

What will I be learning?

In beginner Irish dancing class we spend time providing easy and clear instruction to help you understand and follow the first simple steps to learning how to Irish dance. Don’t worry, if you’re shy, like to take your time or are bursting with energy! we’ve got plenty of fun activities for everyone to enjoy and participate in.

You will start off by learning the basic movements of Irish dancing where we work on correct posture, foot placement and the basic technique needed to learn your steps. You learn to point your toes, learn how to skip and do over 2,3’s, we practice forming lines and circles and work with other children in movement. 

Traditional Irish steps 1, 2. 3...

With lots of fun activities you will learn many different rhythms which will provide the foundation for your new and exciting Irish dancing skills. Every lesson consists of stretching and warming up.

We have enjoyed teaching many children for many years and we can adapt to providing your child with methods they will love and become comfortable with, understanding that there are many varied and individual learning styles each child associates with best.

If you have any queries or concerns during your child’s lessons, we are always available to contact and speak with one of our friendly staff who can assist.



What do I wear?

We invite you to wear comfortable loose clothing, preferably t-shirt and shorts, however we request no long skirts or long pants please, as require to see the knees during instruction. We do allow essential jewellery only to be worn. All long hair to be tied back off the face, neat and tidy. For footwear, initially, Irish dancing shoes will not be necessary, however information will be provided by your teacher when these are required. All pupils are encouraged to have a water bottle with them at all times.

These guidelines are for your comfort, safety and best attire for Irish Dancing. Lynagh Studio t-shirts and hoodies are available and are encouraged to be worn at class, but are not compulsory. Please see your teacher if you would like to purchase one. Please note that as dancers progress, other costumes and dance wear may become applicable.

no experience necessary

kids ages 4+

have fun & make new friends

2022 Placements open

Our classes have now returned to normal under #COVIDsafe rules.

The Lynagh Studio accepts enrolments for new classes all year round with new registrations for children beginners (both boys and girls) accepted from 4 years of age. Once your details have been received successfully, a teacher will be in contact with you to confirm payment and class information.  During registration we will discuss with you class times & location depending on your availability and space available.  Thank you for your interest in The Lynagh Studio of Irish Dancing and we look forward to you joining us and participating in the wonderful culture of Irish dancing. We are always excited to welcome new pupils and we hope you and your child are excited too!
Cead mile fáilte ! (hundred thousand welcomes)

We provide classes that teach the basics, learn new steps and take your dancing the highest of levels. Friendly classes and easy to follow lessons with traditional & custom choreography.